Engines, generators, lawn mowers, and more

Grant’s Small Motors repairs a complete range of power equipment for all of your outdoor needs

Quality equipment repairs at cost-effective prices

Grant’s Small Motors offers repair services for any of your malfunctioning equipment. We have a massive inventory full of products from various brands, including Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Toro, and more. We also offer pickup and delivery service, so that you face no inconvenience when getting them repaired.


We provide and repair small engines to help power your outdoor equipment and power tools. You can find small gas engines for lawn mowers, snow blowers, pressure washers, air compressors, carpet cleaners and more.


We provide and repair high-quality power generators at Grant’s Small Motors Inc. Whether you need a small portable generator for local emergencies or a standby generator to power your entire facility, we will help you find the perfect backup for all of your power outage needs.

Lawn Mowers

At Grant’s Small Motors in greater Victoria, we repair all kinds of push mowers and riding mowers. Our team is experienced in working with any model lawn mower, or other outdoor equipment and we ensure quality service and repair work every time. Our range of mowers and trimmers includes string trimmers, lawn mowers, brush cutters, and more. Call us or come into our store and check out our inventory of outdoor equipment for most any size of project!

Yard Equipment

Grant’s provides and repairs all kinds of yard equipment for our customers, from high-quality power brushes to yard vacuums and leaf blowers. Our equipment is efficient in removing light snow, leaves, and debris from walkways and driveways. We pride ourselves on our service to our local Saanchitan residents. As always, we help you get your outdoor chores done easily and affordably.

Garden Tractors

We offer service and repairs on multi-purpose garden tractors for our customers. All of our tractors are designed for both residential and commercial purposes. These tractors are easy to operate and mow medium to large areas in a quick and efficient way. We offer all types of accessories too.

Log Splitters

If you need a sturdy log splitter, we can help you! We can special order you small or large log splitters, all of which come with powerful engines. Our splitters come with powerful tires that make it easy to transport them anywhere. Choose from a variety of manual splitters or electric splitters. They have plenty of log splitting power to split even the mightiest tree in Saanichton.

Larger Equipment

We also provide service and repairs on larger pieces of equipment. Whether it be a farm tractor or a bobcat, we work on them all. We will work on excavators, bobcats, farm tractors, skid steers, and large compactors. If you have any questions please call us to see if it’s something we can fix for you.


Whether you wish to trim branches, cut down trees, rip up boards, we have chainsaws that can take care of them all. Our professional-grade saws feature anti-vibration handles and ergonomic grips to help provide easier handling. We offer both gas-powered and electric chainsaws at our store. Come in and you can see the power of each chainsaw for yourself!

Keep your garden at its best. Get your garden tractor repaired today!